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Book Your Birthday With Us! 

kids birthday, outdoor play, children playing, fun activities.
kids birthday party, fun activities, outdoor play

In our Birthday events we make it all about the experience!

Safe, Fun, and New! 
Focused on safety we assess the environment to place equipment in the most aware possible way to keep everyone engaged and in a careful mind state, often the kids rediscover an old or new way to move that they did not have the proper setup or lost confidence for; rekindling the trust in themselves and often demonstrating to their parents how they troubleshoot, process, and handle feats of physical and mental strength.

We prepare "the Set up" in innovative ways to challenge and entertain kids of every age!
we encourage adults to join in and have fun with their loved ones generally bringing the whole family together!
an accessible way to try a basic concept we've all played with before in a new and interesting way!

this is so entertaining we forget how this underlyingly helps improving Balance, Strength, and Dexterity all while having tons of fun!

kids birthday, princess parkour, outdoor fun

Let’s Have Some Fun!

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